Diamond grinding wheels

SKU: GWP6-060


CabKing diamond grinding wheels are used for rough grinding and pre-forming stone and glass material. They are manufactured using commercial grade diamonds to provide you longer grinding life and faster cutting. Wheels come in 6″ and 8″ diameter sizes with a large variety of different grits to choose from.

Our diamond grinding wheels are manufactured using the highest quality diamonds to provide you a longer grinding life and clean, faster cutting. They are nickel electroplated using commercial grade diamonds uniformly throughout the entire width of the wheel, making them more durable and aggressive than silicon carbide wheels while giving you excellent quality and results. All wheels are made with a plastic center core, which puts less stress on machine bearings when compared to wheels with steel hubs because they are lighter.

We offer a variety of different grits, ranging from 60 to 600. The 6″ grinding wheels fit the CabKing 6″ cabbing machine and the 8″ grinding wheels fit the CabKing 8″ cabbing machine. You can also use them on other cabbing machine brands. All wheels have 1" arbor holes and come with bushings to accommodate 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" arbors.

Wheels are 1-1/2" wide

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Grinding wheels are great and last a long time!

Grinding wheels are great and last a long time!

Prompt delivery

Delivered on time and accurate

Vernon Grow
Diamond resin wheels

I recently purchased 2 diamond resin wheels and one of them is not round. This makes it hard to use. Not sure if it's a quality control problem or what but when you pay 75 bucks a wheel you would like to use them. Out of 4 wheels that I have purchased over a year this the second one that was not round and is unusable.

Hi Vernon - We are very sorry to hear this. We believe you meant to write this review on our resin wheels, not the above grinding wheels. In regards to our resin wheels, each one is handmade, which may cause a slight variance in each wheel, but this slight variance should not be unusable. We would love to make this right for you, so we encourage you to reach out to us at info@cabking.com or (630) 366-6129. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Jacques Hugo
Great value for money

I have been a lapidarist for more than 40 years, but I switched from carborundum wheels to diamond only about 10 years ago. I bought all my diamond wheels from CabKing and I couldn't be happier with the result. I recently purchased a complete new set of diamond grinding wheels and resin wheels at a very reasonable price and they all produce excellent results. For people not familiar with the difference between the resin wheels and the ones sold by CabKing as "REZ" wheels, I should point out that the latter are textured wheels with a rather rough surface, even though they are different grits. These wheels are rather aggressive, even after the break-in period, but they work very fast, even on the hardest rocks, like agate On the downside, they are not advisable for stones with variable hardness because they produce an uneven finish, and definitely not for something soft like malachite. You also should use very light pressure and lots of water. Another warning - beware of your hands and fingers with these wheels. The slightest touch will take off your skin, unlike the normal resin wheels which are a lot more forgiving :)

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