Sintered diamond saw blade



This CabKing sintered diamond saw blade is a superior blade for cutting material such as quartz, topaz, glass and agates. These blades use sintered technology and are designed to last longer than notched-rim blades. They are included with the CabKing trim saw attachment 6″ and the CabKing trim saw attachment 8″.

These sintered diamond saw blades are replacement blades for the CabKing trim saw attachment 6" and the CabKing trim saw attachment 8". Premium diamond grit (325#/400#) is secured into a metal bond that extends the full depth of the rim so that diamonds are continuously exposed as the edge of the blade wears away with use. Using this sintered technology makes them last longer and gives you clean, thin cuts.

To view this saw blade in use on the CabKing trim saw attachment, check out our tutorial video "Installing and cutting on the saw attachment" on YouTube.

Saw blades are 8" diameter x .031" thick with a 1" arbor hole.

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