CabKing extended warranty


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Protect your new investment with our extended warranty program!

You've made a smart investment by purchasing a CabKing cabbing machine so protect it with our extended warranty program. Our extended warranties extend the one-year manufacturer warranty that comes with all CabKing cabbing machines. Choose from either a one- or two-year warranty extension. This extended warranty will begin when the one-year manufacturer warranty ends, which is one year after the purchase date of your CabKing-6V3 and/or CabKing-8V1.

If you're purchasing this extended warranty with a CabKing machine (which we highly recommend), please register your machine once you receive it. If you've recently purchased a CabKing machine and want to add this extended warranty, we require that you register your machine first. This allows us to verify your proof of purchase. You have up to 45 days from the purchase date of your CabKing machine to add this extended warranty.

This extended warranty is a virtual product. Once you place your order, your CabKing machine details will be entered into our extended warranty database so there are no additional steps you have to take. For complete details on our extended warranty and for your own personal records, download the CabKing extended warranty terms and conditions.

Important note: If you purchased your CabKing machine through a dealer, we require a copy of this invoice to verify that your purchase is within 45 days from the purchase date of your CabKing machine.

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