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The DopStation is one of the best dopping systems available on the market. It not only melts dop wax in under 15 minutes, but keeps it softened at the right temperature. Advanced features makes this dop pot a popular tool and eases the cabbing process. Comes complete with dop wax and dop sticks.

The DopStation complete comes with everything you need to start dopping your stones. The DopStation dop pot features a lighted power switch for easy on/off indication, a storage space to store dop wax and dop sticks, and a wide bezel to easily pre-heat your stones. Its non-stick surface melts dop wax fast and keeps it at the right temperature while you work.

 Green dop wax - 1/4 lb stick
 Dop sticks - 5 pcs

DopStation specifications
Voltage and plug style:  Available in 110V/115V U.S. plug only
Cord length:  6 ft

Customer Reviews

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Eric Armistead
Great product

Great product work wells and would buy again

Joanne Nelson
Dop Station

Makes dopping much easier than traditionl methods. The heated rim allows for the heating of stones in order for better adhesion of the wax.

Gregory Walter
dop pot

makes it easy

Thomas Strathmann
6 inch Cab King

After years of waiting, I finally purchased a Cab King for my girlfriend for Christmas. We are diehard rock hounds out of south western Montana and have collected so much material over the years. I ordered the machine off of Amazon and when it was dropped off, there was a hole that was punched through both cardboard boxes and the styrofoam the machine was packaged in. Cab Kings costumer service team was amazing and they were able to make everything right right, ensuring that my girlfriend received an undamaged machine in time for Christmas. They turned an unpleasant experience into a very memorable one for my partner and I. We are so excited to start working cabs out of all the agates and petrified wood we’ve collected. 10/10 would recommend.

John Benson
Dop Station Works Great!

I've had a chance to use the Dop Station and it works as advertised. The wax took about 20 minutes to sufficiently melt. I applied the wax to one of the sticks that came with it to make my first cab. It's just what I needed. Thanx!

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