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My CabKing

How do I set up my CabKing machine?

The 6″ CabKing can be set up by one person in less than 30 minutes; however, we recommend two people. The 8″ CabKing requires two people and also takes approximately 30 minutes to set up. You will need a sturdy table or stable surface that is well lit. Instruction manuals are shipped with every machine to assist you in the set-up process.

How much cleared space does my CabKing machine need?


What are the specifications of the CabKing motors?

CabKing 6″ cabbing machine – 110V: 3.2 AMP, 352 WATT
CabKing 6″ cabbing machine – 220V: 1.6 AMP, 352 WATT
CabKing 8″ cabbing machine – 110V: 8.0 AMP, 880 WATT
CabKing 8″ cabbing machine – 220V: 4.0 AMP, 880 WATT

Are the CabKing motors variable speed?

No. The CabKing motors are single speed motors that run at 1800 rpm. Important note: Attempting to use a rheostat, router speed controller or voltage limiting device will cause the motor to overheat, voids the warranty and is generally unsuccessful.

How many cabs will I be able to make?

This is subject to many variables such as your grinding technique, amount of cooling, type of stone, etc. Research has proven that these wheels last hundreds, if not thousands of stones but again, this is subject to the previously mentioned variables. Always remember to let the wheels do the work.

How can I extend the life of my wheels?

The best way to improve wheel longevity is with proper grinding techniques and adequate water flow. While grinding and applying your stone to the wheel, use a side-to-side motion across the entire surface of the wheel to ensure that the surface of the wheel is worn evenly. You also want to keep the water flowing on the wheel to prevent drying out and potentially ruining the wheel surface.

Can I use other brands of wheels on my CabKing?

Yes, as long as the wheels have a 1″ arbor hole. Important note: The wheels that come with your CabKing machine are specifically formulated to work together, especially the resin wheels. DO NOT MIX OR MATCH OTHER BRANDS OF RESIN WHEELS. Doing so may result in scratching or uneven grinding/polishing. Replace all wheels if you intend on using a different brand.

What is the difference between your diamond resin wheels and diamond rez wheels?

Both of these wheels are diamond resin wheels however, the resin bond formula is slightly different between the two wheels. Our diamond rez wheels are manufactured with an aggressive resin bond, resulting in a rough texture with sharp points and are more durable than our standard diamond resin wheels (see image below for close-up of rez wheel texture). Since the rez wheels have a rough texture with sharp points, they require a break-in period while our diamond resin wheels do not. All rez wheels come with instructions for proper use and care.


How do I change my wheels?

Our video tutorials below explain how to change the wheels on both the left wheel assembly and right wheel assembly on the 6″ CabKing. Video tutorials for the 8″ CabKing are coming soon but the instructions that come with your machine explain this process in great detail.

Will the trim saw attachment work on both CabKing machines?

Yes, however the 6″ CabKing requires the 6″ CabKing trim saw attachment and the 8″ CabKing requires the 8″ CabKing trim saw attachment. The configurations are slightly different because of the difference in the machine’s sizes so make sure you order the correct saw attachment size. Both trim saw attachments use an 8″ sawblade with 1″ arbor hole.

How big of a rock can I cut with the trim saw attachment?

CabKing trim saw attachment measurements

We hope you don’t mind the dirt, we use our products on a daily basis. These measurements are the same for both the 6″ CabKing trim saw attachment and the 8″ CabKing trim saw attachment.

Can I set up the water system as a re-circulating system?

No. Our single-pass water system is designed to provide clean, fresh water for your wheels to give you the best results. This unique water system prevents contamination that may occur from a re-circulating water system. Important note: Attempting to set-up the CabKing water system as a re-circulating system will void your warranty.

How much water does the CabKing water pump push out?

The CabKing water pump pushes out 2300 liters per hour.

Where can I get a copy of the CabKing instruction manual?

Download the CabKing 6″ instruction manual here. Download the CabKing 8″ instruction manual here. We can also mail you a printed copy.

Where is the CabKing made?

Our CabKing machines are manufactured using foreign and domestic parts sourced from Asia and the USA. Every CabKing machine is assembled and tested in our factory located in Westmont, IL – USA.

Which is better: The CabKing-6V3 or the CabKing-8V1?

This answer depends on your space and budget however, both machines serve the same purpose. Below are the differences between the 6″ CabKing and 8″ CabKing to help you decide.


Why do I need to register my CabKing machine?

Registering your machine with us is required to help facilitate any warranty-related requests. Register your CabKing now on our product registration page.

What does the CabKing warranty cover?

Please see our warranty information page for complete CabKing warranty details.

Can I extend my CabKing machine's one-year manufacturer warranty?

Yes! We have extended warranties available for all CabKing machines. Please see our extended warranty page for complete details. Important note: You only have up to 45 days from the purchase date of your CabKing machine to add this extended warranty.


What's a cab?

Cab is short for the French word cabochon, which means a polished stone without any facets, typically in the shape of a domed oval. Cabs can be seen everywhere in jewelry from pendants, rings and earrings to royal crowns.

Fun fact: There are six cabs in the CabKing logo. Can you find them?

How do I make a cab?

The easiest and best way to make a cab is with the CabKing. By using the progressively finer grinding wheels that come with all CabKing cabbing machines, you can shape and polish your rough stone into a bright shiny cab. Our video tutorial below shows you how to make a cab with the CabKing.

What material other than stone can I grind and polish with the CabKing machine?

Along with rocks and stones, you can also successfully polish glass, metal, ceramic, petrified wood, composite material and even some plastics with the CabKing.

What stones work best with the CabKing?

All stones will grind and polish successfully on the CabKing however, the polishing sequence differs on each type of stone.

Where can I take a lapidary class?

We recommend searching via Google or Bing to find an available lapidary class near you. For those of you located in the Chicago area, we are in the process of creating a CabKing studio alongside our office in Westmont, IL that will offer lapidary classes to the public.

Where can I find resources/inspiration?

Follow CabKing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for videos, news, helpful tricks and tips, and to see what your fellow cabbing enthusiasts are making.


How can I order CabKing products and accessories?

There are several ways to purchase CabKing products and accessories: through an authorized dealer, through a CabKing Ambassador, on our secure website at, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1 (630) 366-6129.

Can I purchase the CabKing cabbing machine without wheels?

No. The CabKing-6V3 and CabKing-8V1 are sold complete with wheels and accessories included.

Do you accept personal checks?

Yes, only from U.S. customers. Learn more about accepted payment methods on our Terms and Conditions page.

What other forms of payment do you accept?

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for accepted payment methods.

I don't live in the United States. Will this pose a problem?

Not at all. We have representation all over the world so we have plenty of experience with international service. If you plan on ordering a CabKing cabbing machine, please email us at [email protected] BEFORE you place your order through our website so we can arrange the shipping with our carrier and give you an accurate ship quote.

How are products shipped?

We offer a variety of shipping options for U.S. and non-U.S. customers. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

What is the CabKing return policy?

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for information on our return policy.


What happens if my machine breaks down?

When you purchase a CabKing cabbing machine, you’re guaranteed excellent customer service and support from our office in the U.S.A. and through our international dealer network. Visit our Customer Support page for assistance and contact information.

Some of my parts are missing or damaged

Contact us directly by calling 1 (630) 366-6129 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will assist you.

My motor gets very hot

By design, the motor is TENV, meaning Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated. Most motors on other cabbing machines are fan cooled and have openings to dissipate heat. Since our motor is used in a wet environment, it doesn’t have these. Instead, it transfers heat through the motor body, shaft and mounting. After roughly 30 minutes to an hour of continuous use, your motor can get as hot as 220°F. It is best to avoid prolonged contact with the motor housing at this point. The normal temperature range is 190°F to 220°F, depending on ambient conditions.

My motor doesn't stay on

This is typically due to a power switch malfunction. Press and hold the green “on” button. If the motor stays on, then the power switch is the issue.  Call or email us for a replacement switch. CabKing power switches are easy to replace and come with installation instructions.

My motor turns on but the wheels don't spin

In some instances, you may be able to turn on the motor but the wheels won’t spin. This is typically caused by the shaft flange getting stuck into the motor housing. Our troubleshooting video below shows you how to remove the shaft flange and will give you a better understanding on how to adjust them.

My motor makes a high-pitched sound

This is typically due to the table or platform that your CabKing machine is placed on. We suggest putting cardboard or cloth under the machine to absorb the vibration. This will help decrease the high-pitched sound.

My motor vibrates or shakes

Make sure the wheels are properly balanced. Sometimes during shipping, the wheels may become unbalanced. This can be fixed by taking the wheels off and realigning them. Make sure to tighten the shaft properly.

My motor smells

This is normal when used for a period of time. The heat of the motor causes the enclosed lubricants to release an oil-like aroma.

My wheels don’t spin

Make sure your CabKing machine is plugged into a power source and the power switch is turned to the “on” position. Also, make sure the wheels are not obstructed. If the wheels are caught on something before you turn on the motor, there will not be enough momentum to start spinning.

My wheels are vibrating

The resin wheels will always exhibit some type of vibration due to the nature of the wheel. This minimal vibration isn’t strong enough to move the machine. In general, after using the wheels, the surface will smooth out and the vibration will diminish. Note: The electroplated grinding wheels should not exhibit any vibration.

My water control knobs keep spinning

Simply tighten the set screw on the knob using a flat head screwdriver.

My water flow is weak or doesn’t flow at all

Make sure there is enough water in the bucket with the water pump and that the water pump is connected to a power supply. Also, make sure that all tubing is securely connected. Over time and use, all of the CabKing water system parts have to be manually cleaned to prevent blockage. Simply disassemble the water system parts and clean them with a small pipe brush. Refer to the “CabKing Water System Parts” in your instruction manual.

My drip pans do not drain

Manually shake the drip pan tubes to start the flow while tilting the drip pans upward. Make sure the drip pan tubing is angled downward. We suggest cutting the drip pan tubes to the proper length that feed into the buckets after setting up your CabKing machine. Also, make sure the drip pan outspout is clean and free of blockage.

My nozzle/water system parts are loose or fall off

We suggest using Teflon tape (or any thin soft tape) to wrap the portion of the nozzle that is inserted into the Y-split with enough tape to tighten the fit.

My canvas pad is wobbling

Odds are, you didn’t tighten it enough. When screwing the canvas pad thread into the right shaft, turn an additional 1/4″ more than you feel comfortable. This will ensure that the canvas pad is properly secured, preventing a wobble. If the canvas pad is properly tightened and you’re still getting a wobble, this could be due to some residual glue around the threading where the screw goes into the backing plate. Use a knife to remove the excess glue.

My full face diamond lap is wobbling

This could be due to some residual glue around the threading where the screw goes into the backing plate. Use a knife to remove the excess glue.