CabKing 6" shafts



Extra CabKing 6″ shafts are available to let you create your own combination of wheels that can easily be swapped out versus changing individual wheels on the CabKing 6″ cabbing machine.

These CabKing 6" shafts can be purchased in addition to the standard ones that come with your CabKing 6" cabbing machine. Extra shafts allow you to create your own combination of wheels that can be easily swapped out versus changing individual wheels.

Important notes: The CabKing 6" shafts are genuine CabKing accessories and are designed to be used only on authentic CabKing machines. They are not compatible with other cabbing units. These shafts are designed for use on the CabKing 6" cabbing machine ONLY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Southworth
Right hand shaft

I ordered a right hand shaft and put some diamond red polishing wheels on it, 3000,8000,and 14000 grit. It changes out easily and works great.

Mike Silbernagel
Product review

Love the item
They work great and I have a extra shaft for my next set of wheels

Dorothy Silbernagel
Extra shaft 6"

Love it. have it full of my Diamond wheels

Timothy Tardone
Shafts helped fix my issue

Good customer service.

Matt Klug
Another shaft to refine my workspace

Since the right shaft is much simpler to remove than the left (mainly for using the saw attachment), I decided I wanted to get an additional shaft for three more wheels. It allowed me to separate put a pre-polish set and a final polish set of wheels, and I'm happy to jave the versatility. Remember, if you are getting 3 wheels (at least for the 6" model), you also need two 3/4" spacers.

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