Diamond resin wheels

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CabKing diamond resin wheels are used for cabbing, smoothing, contour grinding and pre-polishing stone, glass, synthetic material and even some metals. They are a great economical option compared to the Nova and Flex wheels. These resin wheels come in 6″ and 8″ diameter sizes with a large variety of different grits to choose from.

Our diamond resin wheels offer an affordable option compared to other diamond resin wheels on the market. Using a proprietary technique, commercial grade diamonds are locked into a specially formulated resin-bonded belt that is mounted on a 1/4" thick soft sponge foam with plastic center core. The soft sponge foam backing absorbs pressure and provides a cushion so that the wheel conforms to your stone. There is no need to break these wheels in, as they are ready to go out of the box.

We offer a variety of different grits, ranging from 60# to 50,000#. The 6" resin wheels fit the CabKing 6" cabbing machine and the 8" resin wheels fit the CabKing 8" cabbing machine. You can also use them on other cabbing machine brands. All wheels have 1" arbor holes and come with bushings to accommodate 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ arbors. Wheels are color-coded for easy grit identification. Actual color and hub style may vary.

6" wheels are 1-1/2" wide and 8" wheels are 2" wide

Customer Reviews

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Miles Long
Diamond resin wheels

Excellent wheel. I will be buying more as needed.

Matt Klug
Great polishing wheels

I enjoy these polishing wheels, and they work great as long as you treat them properly. When I first got my Cabking, I had misused my 280# wheel by grinding a rock that had an edge that was too rough for a padded wheel and I got a big gouge in it. However, the other wheels have held up after extensive use--my 600# wheel looks more worn than it is, as it still works brilliantly. Now that I've replaced my 280# wheel and have an 8000# and 14000# wheel, I was able to buy another right shaft to separate out a set of pre-polish and final polish wheels. Super excited to have the extra fine wheels to more gradually reach a beautiful final polish on my gems. I primarily work with opal, and these wheels have really improved the quality of my finished cabs compared to that of a flat lap, and I couldn't be happier.

Gerri Lundergan
These wheels keep our clubhouse running

For the past 4 years we have been using Cab King wheels in our Lapidary program at the Tampa Bay Mineral & Science Club. We get a solid year out of them in full time educational use. Students are able to consistently create mirror polished cabochons using your wheels.

Edward Holstein
Diamond Resin Wheels Experience

I have used these wheels to shape and finish many stones and find them to be very satisfactory in producing a polished, scratch free result.

Skot Giles

You guys have fulfilled my dreams of rock grinding. Thanks!

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