CabKing trim saw review

Customer service is top notch and the product quality is amazing!”

— Jean St. Arnauld, lapidary hobbyist in Charleston, South Carolina

Just over six years ago, I was teaching stone cutting at a rock and gem show when another vendor asked me if I wanted to try a new cabbing machine that was on the market. I have to say, I am so glad I did. In the following year, there were days I was cabbing for 10 hours or more (40+ stones a day). And while I may be slow to write a review on products, I can honestly say that I have put this machine to the test! I currently have five polishers/grinders, and this is the only one used in the last year. Many of my fellow lapidary artists have used my machine and fallen in love with it too. I can honestly say that if I ever need another machine, I will gladly purchase this one again.”

— Ken Allison, lapidary artist with Art from Stone in Dallas, Texas

I was very happy with the price of the CabKing and knew it was a superior design as soon as I used it. I’ve been a lapidary shop owner for over 20 years, and I know a good machine when I see one and the CabKing design is it!”

— David Kingery, lapidary shop owner in Troy, Montana

I use the CabKing for a few hours everyday and love it. The water system is great, and the hand rests keep me from getting tired.”

— Mike Allbrook, retiree and lapidary enthusiast in Southern Shores, North Carolina

Very well engineered machine! I have engineered and built a number of machines over the years and CabKing is one of the best.”

— Donald Dietz, lapidary artist in Lauderhill, Florida

Thank you. I have enjoyed the system immensely. My previous system used carbide wheels and belts. This provides quicker and more even cutting ability and significantly easier polishing of the cut material.”

— Robert Wood, retired jeweler in Louisville, Kentucky

I love it. Grinds like a champ.”

— Lori Patterson, lapidary hobbyist in Golian, Texas

We’ve had our CabKing 8V1 for a few years now, and it has proven to be a steady, reliable workhorse. Thanks to the removable stainless steel hoods, it’s easy to clean, and the multi-valve adjustable water feed and drain system is about the best out there. The extra posts on the base to provide additional lighting were a great idea by the designers. Excellent spacing on the wheels, and the motor is just wicked strong. A very well-planned out and well-built cabbing machine. We’re looking forward to many years of production with this awesome beast.”

— Jimmy and Lexx, stone artisans at in Westchester, New York

My wife and I are thoroughly enjoying our new pastime. I cut and polish the stones while she wraps jewelry. The CabKing ROCKS!”

— Andy Baker, lapidary artist in Johnson City, Tennessee

Your customer service is very helpful to me and I couldn’t have asked for better overall service!”

— Shelby Hatch, lapidary hobbyist in Price, Utah

It’s really great for our turquoise and Mexican opal work. The resin wheels are really good, too.”

— Diego Aguire, silver jewelry manufacturer in Jalisco, Mexico

The CabKing arrived this morning in perfect condition—great shipping packaging. I was like a kid at Christmas; couldn’t wait to get it unpacked! It definitely does look like superb value for money!”

— Tony Borroghs, retiree and lapidary enthusiast in the United Kingdom

I spoke with Linda most of the time and with one other lady who’s name I’ve unfortunately forgotten but both were extremely helpful and pleasant to speak with. With that being said, I personally think that it would be very hard to have better customer service than CabKing.”

— Russ Overmier, lapidary artist in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

We love it. My kids have polished up a few stones, and it’s been so much fun. Holiday presents are going to be a lot more fun this year.”

— Jim Erdman, sales engineer in Lombard, Illinois

My machine is cutting great. Thumbs up to the CabKing!”

— Larry Sklar, opal cutter in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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  1. Edmund Nonaca
    June 29, 2017

    After extensive research for an upgrade to stand-alone diamond shaping wheel and silicon carbide drums, I have been in awe with the quality of cabochons the CK8 is capable of producing. I (we at Nonaca Images) had many choices with other combination diamond wheel polishing machines that we should expect to do the same quality of work, yet I think it comes to the quality / customer support that comes “outside the box” that make the Cab King a good value.
    The CK8 does everything we was expecting. We are not using the end lapping disk with diamond paste to do final polish. I am still using my existing two lapping disks with leather and Serum Oxide (for my hard stones) on one side; and Sapphire polishing compound (for my soft stones) on the other side. I think the leather pads and Serum works best for what we are doing at Nonaca Images.
    We have decided to use the Reentel International “REZ diamond wheels” in place of the Resin wheels the CK8 comes with and at first it was hard to get use to, but we are now seeing great results with the REZ wheels after a slight break-in period.
    I am thankful that we chose the CK 8 over the CK6, simply for the extra spacing in between the diamond wheels have saved our fingers and hands from accidental injury. We know that even though the diamond wheels are relatively safe, the edges of the wheels do have share edges that will cut if approached at an angle. I have friends from the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club who have similar machines without the 2″ spacing and their biggest complaint is nick’s and cuts when hand-holding stones on their machines.
    The CK8 has really complement the jewelry and metalsmithing we are doing at Nonaca Images. Cab King has a great product, and the customer support (Thank you Linda S. for all your support) is proven to be exceptional for us.
    Carving rock allows us to take something ordinary that crosses our path and turn it into something exceptionally special, leaving it better than we found it. This is how we should all try to do when something ordinary crosses your path, give it your best effort to make it better then when you found it.

    Ed Nonaca
    Nonaca Images,
    Edmonds, WA

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