CabKing is one of several product lines by Reentel International Inc., which has been a premier supplier of diamond tools, accessories and equipment for the lapidary and jewelry industries since 1998. As a manufacturer, Reentel continually strives for product excellence and exceptional value. The CabKing® product line consists of CabKing grinding and polishing machines that are used by lapidary artists, professionals, hobbyists and beginners worldwide.

The CabKing story

Scroll through the interactive timeline below to learn more about CabKing and how it came to be.


CabKing development began
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Sept. 2008

CabKing 6V1 was created
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Feb. 2009

CabKing 6V2 launched
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June 2010

CabKing 6V3 debuted
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Jan. 2011

CabKing 8V1 hit the market
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Feb. 2010

Trim saw attachments introduced
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Sept. 2014

Logo and website updated
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The future

What's next?
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